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Community Service



How to get your Service Hours Recorded:


Email Mrs. Kenjura  at


In the subject section type = Services Hours For (Your Name)                                  

In the email section include:

Your Name (First and Last)

School ID Number

Your email address where you will get an email from Track It Forward

Graduation Date (Year only)


You will get an email from Track It Forward telling you that you have been invited to join.  Go to Track It Forward (, find your name and you will submit your volunteer hours.  You will be asked to include where you volunteered, dates you volunteered, time you volunteered and the supervisor’s name that was in charge of your volunteer hours.


Why Community Service?

You do not need community service hours to graduate, but it is highly recommended. Community service hours help your resume, college, and scholarship applications stand out.  You are also recognized at graduation. For 50 to 99 hours, you receive 1 cord. For 100 hours, you receive 2 cords, etc.

Hours can be counted after the first day of school freshman year, all the way to the end of the 3rd 9-weeks senior year.  Seniors MUST enter hours by 3:00pm  on March 26, 2021 to count towards the graduation cords. 

Things to Know About Community Service

Hours can be entered any time, but the deadline for entry is the week after SPRING BREAK.  Students are encouraged to stay on top of their hours so that they will be verified in a timely manner.  

  1. Hours are logged online through TrackItForward. 
  2. Hours must have been completed on/after the first day of 9th grade in order to count and be submitted. Any hours completed before the first day of 9th grade do NOT count towards cords and should not be entered on college applications.
  3. If you have questions about whether a certain event/activity counts as community service please email Mrs. Kenjura at  


Volunteer hours may be earned in both the school and community, as long as the student is donating their time and not benefiting from the service or receiving any pay.  Please read below to see a more detailed description of community service.


  • Services for an organization that a student belongs to will not be counted. For example, participation in a car wash sponsored by a club would not count as community service. An exception to this guideline would be if the organization is donating the profits (excluding expenses) to a charity.


  • A student may earn volunteer hours by helping at an event or performance at which admission is charged or a donation collected, providing that the student is not a member of the organization benefiting from the eventFor example, a student, who is not a member of the Drama Club, may volunteer to usher and collect tickets at a drama club production and earn service learning hours.


  • Students may receive volunteer hours for helping at religious institutions as long as those hours do not include participation in a religious service. For example, a student is not eligible for hours spent teaching Sunday school, singing in the choir or serving as an altar server. However a student may receive service hours for assisting in landscaping, office work, clean up days or volunteering in the day care center.


  • Service for a student’s family or family business will not count. Volunteer hours may not be certified by a family member or fellow student.


  • Babysitting, or similar services, performed for an individual family, will not count. Babysitting services for school or in a church nursery related situation will count.


  •  Club meetings do not count as community service.


  •  Service hours will not be awarded for any in-kind or monetary donations including canned food collections, toy collections, etc. For example, a service hour value cannot be established for the donation of a specific number of cans of food. The time spent collecting the cans of food can count.


  •  Hours cannot be doubled and must represent actual time donated.

Community Service Opportunities

Below are local organizations and businesses who offer community service opportunities. When possible, phone numbers and contact names are provided. Any student interested in earning Community Service Hours needs to speak with a counselor and complete the necessary steps and paperwork.

If you represent an organization or business and would like to be listed, please contact Linda Kenjura  OR   Kelly Kilpatrick

NEW Volunteer Opportunities:

1) The Wilderness Campground     Contact = Homer Allison  281-804-8683
    14320 FM 1488
    Magnolia, TX   77354


Abandoned Animal Rescue (Tomball) 281-290-0121

Advance Headstart Program (Aldine Area) 713-812-0033

Aldine Youth Organization 281-449-4824

American Red Cross 713-526-8300

Angel Food Ministries (Magnolia) 281-356-6452

Big Brothers and Sisters of Montgomery County 281-292-4155

Bridgewood Farms (formerly Friends of Retarded) 936-856-6468 Flo Nelson

Conroe Medical Regional Center 936-539-7433

Cypress Assistance Ministries 281-955-7684

Interfaith 281-367-1230

Family Time Thift Shop (Porter) 281-354-5590

Friendship Center (Conroe) 936-756-5828

Friendship Center (Magnolia) 281-259-6665

Goodwill Industries of Houston 713-692-6221

HAAM (Humble Area Assistance Ministries) 281-446-3663

Habitat for Humanity 936-441-4663

Helping Hands Community Garden 281-356-8743 Judy Rose

Humane Society of Montgomery County, Inc. 936-756-3914

Kingwood Medical Center 281-348-8000

Malcolm Purvis Library (Magnolia) 281-259-8324

Memorial Herman, The Woodlands Hospital 281-364-2300

Memorial Hospital Northwest 713-867-4460 Lisa Davis

Mission Northeast 281-354-1200

Montgomery County Emergency Assistance 936-539-9211

Montgomery County Food Bank 936-539-6686

Montgomery County Memorial Library 936-788-8377

Montgomery County Recycle Center (Magnolia) 281-356-4156 936-539-7816

Montgomery County United Way 281-292-4155

Montgomery County Woman's Center (18+) 281-292-4155

Montgomery County Youth Services 936-756-8682

NAM (Northwest Assistance Ministries) 281-885-4609 Peggy Ney

New Caney New Horizons 281-689-8500

Nourishment for the Needy 281-292-2695

Salvation Army (prefer 18+) 936-760-2440

SIRE, Inc. Therapeutic Horseback Riding (prefer 14+) 281-356-7588

Society of Samaritans (Magnolia) 281-259-8452

South County Community Clinic (18+) 281-364-7889

South County Branch Library 281-398-9110 Bonnie

South Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Department (14+) 281-363-3473 Roger

South Montgomery County Woodlands Chamber of Commerce 281-367-5777

Spring Area Assistance Ministries 281-353-4480

Special Olympics (New Caney) 281-689-8500

Sherry Lemley TEAM (Tomball Emergency Assistance Ministry) 281-351-6700 281-255-6967

Tomball Nursing Home 281-351-5443

Timber Lakes Volunteer Fire Department. 281-367-0373 Keith

United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast 713-957-4357

Women Helping Women 281-631-9744

Woodlands Community Service Corporation 936-273-4990 or 281-210-3950

Woodlands Friendship Center 281-292-6353

Woodlands Symphony Orchestra 281-364-7097

YMCA (Conroe & South Mont. County) 281-367-9622 Roxanne Magnolia/Tomball YMCA has opportunities for service after school. For more information, contact Stephanie Saker at Office: 281-356-4077