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Interview Tips

Dress:  First impressions are very important for interviews.  You have a short time to make a big impression. Please be sure to dress conservatively and professionally.  Wearing slacks / pants is a good suggestion for comfort and being conservative. Ladies, shorts skirt are NOT a good thing to interview in.  No skin should show and no short tops should be worn. Jackets or blazer are not required. Be comfortable and confident.

Ideas:  It is a great idea to have a resume available to share with all interviewers.  For a job, scholarship or any interview there could be one to several people conducting the interview.  It is important to be prepared with several copies of your resume and any other documents that you might be taking into the interview.  Kindly offer your resume to each interviewer. A resume can also give you a guide or cheat sheet for yourself to keep the conversation flowing.

Interview tips:  

  1. Greet and introduce yourself to each member of the interview team.  Look them in the eyes and shake their hand firmly but not too hard. This would be a good time to hand them your resume and other documents.
  2. Watch your posture, be sure to sit up with legs crossed and shoulders back.  Good posture shows confidence.
  3. It is important to make eye contact with each interviewer as you speak.
  4. Try not to speak too fast or too slow - take a breath  and speak with confidence.
  5. Be a good listener, let them completely finish asking their question before you speak.  
  6. Once they ask the question, start your answer with a repeat of question then your answer.
  7. Be kind, sincere and confident !
  8. Be prepared to ask any questions you may have like timeline, is there anything else I need to do, when should I expect to hear from you ,etc.?
  9. Always be positive and do not be afraid to brag on yourself - tell them how great you are and why they should choose you for the job, scholarship, etc.
  10. At the end of the interview thank them for their time and the opportunity to visit with them.  Tell them that you enjoyed meeting all of them. Shake their hands, smile and exit the room.

Things the Interviewers may ask:

  1. They will be very interested in your Community Service /  Volunteer Hours. They are especially interested in how you gave back to your community through school activities / helping at your church /  helping at elementary school carnivals / cleaning trash on the side of county roads / Help with Harvey / etc.
  2. They will be interested in how you have balanced school activities and your grades.
  3. They will be interested in how and why you are a good candidate for this scholarship / job.
  4. They might want to know other scholarships you have received.
  5. They might ask “What is your greatest strength?”  , This is time to brag on yourself .
  6. They might ask something like , “ Tell us a weakness that you have and how you overcome that weakness?’
  7. If you are interviewing for a job the interviewer might ask, “What experience do you have in this field of work?”   If you do not have any experience discuss your willingness to learn.