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Volunteer & Service Hours

How to get your Service Hours Recorded:

Email Mrs. Kenjura  at


In the subject section type = Services Hours For (Your Name)                                  

In the email section include:

Your Name (First and Last)

School ID Number

Your email address where you will get an email ( it works best to use your school email) from Track It Forward.

Graduation Date (Year only)


You will get an email from Track It Forward telling you that you have been invited to join.  You will click on the top link in that email and set up the account with a password you can remember.  Once you do that,  you will go to Go to  Use your email and password to log and you will submit your volunteer hours.  You will be asked to include where you volunteered, dates you volunteered, time you volunteered and the supervisor’s name that was in charge of your volunteer hours.  Also it is very important to make notes in the NOTES section. Type in where you volunteered and a brief description of what you did on that volunteer day. 


Caution = DO NOT set up your own account on Track It Forward (app or on your iphone) without approval.  None of your hours will show to be counted towards graduation cords or any scholarship opportunities unless it is set up through Mrs. Kenjura with the school Track It Forward account.

Senior will have a cut of date the week after Spring Break each school year.  The due date will be a absolute date where no more hours will be counted for graduation cords after that date and time.  The deadline will be adhered to in order to make it fair to all students.  Watch CANVAS , Emails and/or listen to announcements for that deadline each year.  A report will be printed to see who will be awards graduation cords. Students will be responsible to check their hours for accuracy.  Mrs. Kenjura will be checking through hours record or accuracy and validity.