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IB Diploma Programme

Magnolia West High School is pleased to be an authorized IB World School. We are proud to offer the prestigious IB Diploma Programme. The IB Diploma Programme is world-renowned for emphasizing critical thinking and developing highly independent thinkers.




We are proud to announce MWHS students have earned 88 IB Diplomas over the past 5 years


IB Diploma Class of 2021 and 2022 Results

IB Diploma Pass Rate 94% (33 of 35 Diploma Students received their IB Diploma)

IB Diploma Passing Rate for all subjects was 97%.

IB Diploma students had a 100% pass rate in 17 out of 20 IB courses

IB Diploma Students beat the world average in all subjects but one



Though our Diploma numbers are fantastic, the grit and determination of all of our IB students have been inspiring. We know this program will impact them for the rest of their lives and we can't wait to see all of the great things they will accomplish. They have left a legacy that will never be forgotten!  


The IB Diploma Programme is excellent at preparing students for the rigors of college coursework. Research has shown that IB Diploma students; have a 22% higher acceptance rate into college, up to a 13% higher acceptance rate into some Ivy League institutions, are more likely to attend college, earn higher GPAs while attending college, and have higher graduation rates from college.


Any student that completes the IB Diploma Programme and receives the IB Diploma, is guaranteed a minimum of 24 credit hours at any public Texas University.


The IB Diploma Programme is open to all students that complete an application. The IB Diploma Programme is only for Juniors and Seniors. You may download an application from this website(see the sidebar on the right) or see Mr. Day for one. Most students fill out an application and meet with Mr. Day in the Spring Semester of their Sophomore year to discuss if the program might be a good fit for them.    


The Diploma Programme consists of the following:

  1. Completion of six IB subjects (IB English, IB Foreign Language, IB Science, IB Social Science, IB Math, and an IB Fine Art or other IB subject). Students must show mastery of each subject on their final exams in May to qualify for the IB Diploma.
  2. Complete a course called Theory of Knowledge(TOK). This course helps students with critical thinking skills.
  3. Complete the Extended Essay. This is a 4,000 thousand word essay that students work on with a mentor teacher on a topic of their choice.
  4. Complete CAS (Creativity, Action, Service). This covers the community service portion of the program. 


Source: The IB Diploma Graduate Destinations Survey 2011 conducted by i-graduate International Insight Strictly copyright © IGI Services 2011

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