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IB Shadow Program

MWHS IB Shadowing Program

What is the IB Shadowing Program?

The IB Shadowing Program gives sophomore students the opportunity to spend a day in the MWHS IB Program. The students will experience firsthand what it’s like to be an IB Diploma Student and a member of the MWHS IB family. Students will shadow a MWHS IB Diploma Student for the entire day. The will experience IB classes and even eat lunch in the IB Lounge.   


Who qualifies to join the IB Shadow Program?

To qualify you must be a sophomore that is in good academic standing and interested in the IB Diploma Program. Students that are selected for the program will miss a day of instruction and need to be prepared to make up the missed work. 


What time does it start and end?  Shadowing students should arrive in room 1144 by 7:10 am to meet Mr. Day and their IB host student. The students will be paired together until 2:35. If the shadowing student has an extracurricular period in their schedule they will be allowed to attend that class and meet back up with their host student afterwards.  



Where can I get an application?

You may obtain an application from your English or History teacher. You may also email the IB Coordinator Jeremy Day at You may also download an application from the IB Website which is located at When completed you may give them to Mr. Day in room 1401 or give them to your History or English teacher.