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Is and IB Diploma Worth $19,000

Average Costs for 30 hours at a public University in Texas

Institution Tuition and Fees Books and Supplies Room and Board Transportation Other Costs Total
Average Costs
Resident $8,875 $1,218 $9,253 $2,110 $2,168 $23,623
Nonresident $21,444 $1,218 $9,253 $2,110 $2,168 $36,193


If a student receives the IB Diploma and scores a 4 or higher on all of their exams,  they are guaranteed at least 24 hours of credit at any public Texas University For details on this, see Senate Bill 111. Some universities give more credit. Including room and board, the IB Diploma can save you approximately $18,898 if all of your credits can be used towards your degree.


  • Average cost of 1 hour at a Texas University = $787
  • 24 hours x $787 =$18,898





 These numbers will vary depending on the university chosen. To see the cost of different public universities in Texas click HERE


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