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Success of IB Student

2018-2021  IB DP and IB Course Student Statistics

77 IB Diplomas

IB Diploma Students Have Averaged 30 Points abover the National Average 

83% Pass Rate of All IB Students that took IB Assessments 



A 2010 study that looked at performance on IB exams and college GPA of over 1,500 IB students enrolled in the University of California system found:  

  • IB students earned higher GPAs and graduated at higher rates than a matched comparison group. 
  • Performance in the Diploma Programme was the strongest predictor of college GPA. 


The 2011 study of IB students’  experiences after high school found:

·         IB students graduated from college at higher rates, with 81% of IB students graduating within 6 years of enrolling full-time at a 4-year institution, compared to the national average of 57%.


 A  2011 study of almost 25,000 IB  Diploma and certificate  students found: 

·        IB students were more likely than the national average to attend college full-time, with nearly 70% attending selective or more selected colleges. 


 2012 study of Chicago public schools interviewed Diploma Programme alumni and found that:

  • Students reported that they felt prepared to succeed and excel in their coursework.
  • Had strong academic skillsespecially related to analytical writing.
  • Learned academic behaviors like work ethicmotivation and time management.
  • Identified preparation in the IB programme as the source of their success as college students.