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University Credit

Universities across the world accept IB examinations and IB Diplomas for college credit.  Texas Senate Bill 111 makes it mandatory for all public Texas colleges and universities to grant a minimum of 24 credit hours for all IB Diploma holders.

Students who do not receive a full IB Diploma are still eligible to receive college credit for individual IB tests. The credits and scores vary from University to University. Generally, students who score a 4 or higher are eligible for college credit. 


Texas A&M IB Credit -LINK


University of Texas IB Credit -LINK


Baylor University IB Credit -LINK


 Texas Tech IB Credit-LINK


Texas State IB Credit-LINK


University of Houston IB Credit-LINK


Sam Houston State University IB Credit-LINK


Below is the link to Senate Bill 111 which guarantees 24hrs + college credit at any Texas Public University. -LINK