Fillies Competition Results

The MWHS Fillies Dance Team and Officers won Sweepstakes and Judges award at their competition this past weekend.

Officers won showmanship and choreography awards for Lyrical, Jazz, and Modern and a technique award for their Lyrical.

The team won a Showmanship award for all their dances Pom, Kick, Military, and Jazz and a choreography award for kick and Military and Technique award for Military.

The duet of Jenna and Jordan Kmiec won a division 1 rating.

The social officer ensemble of Cassidy Tucker, Brynn Reynolds, and Kate Ward won a division 1 rating.

The trio of Katelyn Roecker, Erica Fox, and Jenna Kmiec won 1st place in the small ensemble category.

All soloists won a division 1 rating: Mandy McGrew, Meagan Stratton, Vada Tauton, Tana Johnson, Sarah McLain, Ashley Orme, Brynn Reynolds, Makenzie Kulhanek, Kendal Clarkson, and Katelyn Roecker.

Out of 30 9-10 grade soloists, Brynn Reynolds placed 4th and Vada Tauton placed 1st place.
Mandy McGrew won an individual medal as a soloist.

In the 11-12 grade division, out of 34 soloists, Makenzie Kulhanek placed 5th place and Katelyn Roecker placed 4th place with Kendal Clarkson receiving an individual medal as well.