SkillsUSA Districtd Results

The MWHS SkillsUSA members attended their District Competition this past weekend. The following students will be advancing to STATE:

Cosmetololgy Students
Yoana Garcia - Photo Panel
Jonatzy Chavez - Nail Art gold
Melisa Melgoza - Nail Art silver
Marisol Sanchez - Nail Care Silver
Ashley Taylor, Alana Harbert, Bailey Kaufman, Brooklyn Carrell - Entrepreneurship Gold

Auto Mechanic Students
Jose Grijalva, Jeremiah Brown, Ryan Lang - Tood ID Test
Gage Ortego 2nd Place Silver advances to State - Motorcycle Technology
Triston Wischnewsky 4th Place - Auto Body
Maxwell McHenry 3rd Bronze - Power Equipment Technology
Jose Grijalva 1st Place Gold Advances to State - Mobil Electronics
Ryan Lang 2nd Place Silver

Marine Equipment
Austin Stivanson 3rd Place Bronze

Automotive Quiz Bowl 2nd Place Silver Advances to State
Triston Wischnewsky, Dylan Faulkner, Tyler Moore, Treyton Van Ornum
Tyler Reaves,

Photo Panel Project advancing to State
Treyton Van Ornum,Tyler Moore, Justin Burkett
Ryan Lang,
Jose Grijalva
Triston Wischnewsky,Garrett Shelton,Dylan Faulkner