Fillies Competition Results

The Fillies competed last Saturday at Memorial High School in Baytown.

All soloists received a division 1 rating.
Vada Taunton, Mandy McGrew, Meagan Stratton, Ashley Orme, Brynn Reynolds, Makenzie Kulhanek, Kendal Clarkson, and Katelyn Roecker.
In the 9-10 grade division, Mandy won 5th place and Vada won 2nd place.
In the 11-12 grade division, Makenzie won 6th place, and Katelyn won 4th place.
In the Miss High Kick competition, we had 4 place in the semi finals: Vada Taunton, Makenzie Kulhanek, Jenna Kmiec, and Katelyn Roecker.
Katelyn made it to the finals and was in the top 3.
Both duets won division 1. Jordan/Jenna Kmiec and Kayla Setzer/Emily Otto.
The trio of Jenna Kmiec, Erica Fox, and Katelyn Roecker won first place in their division.
Officers won 1st place for their Modern. The team won 1st place for their Military and Kick.
Officers won a presentation award and the team won a precision and choreography award.
The officers and team won a sweepstakes award which is 85 and higher on all routines.
Thank you for all your support of the team during the year and throughout contest season.

Come watch their last performance for the year and the Seniors last time to dance as a Fillie at their Spring Show (Pinnacle) on Saturday April 25 at 7:00pm in the Auditorium.