Fillies Competition Results

 Mortan Ranch HS Dance Results:

Solos – Division 1 Rating:
Katelyn White, Mandy McGrew, Emily Otto, Meagan Stratton, Vada Taunton, Kara Eddlemon, Ashley Orme, Brynn Reynolds, and Makenzie Kulhanek.  


Medium Team Division
Brynn Reynolds - 4th, Makenzie Kulhanek - 3rd,  Mandy McGrew - 2nd,  Vada Taunton – 1st


Duet – Division 1 Rating
Cassidy Tucker and Ashley Orme

Jazz Routine & Judges Award – Divison 1
The Social officers of Lauren Goodman, Jordan Kmiec, Emily Otto, and Meagan Stratton


Sweepstakes & Gussie Nell Davis Award (above 90 on all routines)
The Dance Officers, Makenzie Kulhanek, Brynn Reynolds, Cassidy Tucker, Mandy McGrew, and Vada Taunton. They also received a judges award for all of their dances (Jazz, Contemporary, Open), Best Overall Technique, Best Overall Presentation, and Best Overall Choreography. They were 2nd runner up in the Medium Officer Division. 


The Team received a Sweepstakes and Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence (above 90 on all their routines), a judges award for 3 out of their 4 routines (Pom, Open, Novelty), and Best Overall Presentation.  They were 2nd runner up in the Medium Team Division. 


The Fillies won 2nd place in the Medium Team Division for Academic Champions with a combined GPA of 3.36 out of 4.0.