Homecoming Dance Information

Magnolia West High School

Homecoming Dance 2016

Arabian Nights

October 1st, 2016, 7:00-11:00pm


Tickets: Tickets will be on sale during Freshmen Lunch and West Hour on September 27th-30th for $20.  Tickets will only be sold at door for current MWHS students (no dates) for $25.  Tickets for non-MWHS students must be approved and purchased in advance.  Once a student leaves the dance, they will not be re-admitted.  There are no refunds on tickets. 


Dress: Any garment or design that is too revealing will not be allowed.  Students are allowed to wear two-piece and strapless dresses, as long as all appropriate areas are covered. Dress length must fall within school regulation. Any student not in inappropriate attire will not be admitted.


Dates: The attached form MUST be completed by Tuesday, September 27th at 3:00pm for dates who do not attend MWHS.  Failure to meet this deadline will void a date’s ability to attend.  Dates must be currently enrolled in high school, or be a 2016 graduate.  Once your assistant principal has checked the form, you will be allowed to purchase a ticket for your date.


All students attending the MWHS Homecoming Dance will be held to the MWHS standards of conduct, behavior and dress.  Any misbehaviors, disruptions, or violations of the Student Code of Conduct will be address appropriately.  Administration will use appropriate discretion in addressing each situation. 


All guests must arrive and leave with their date.