Gold Citizens for September

Kate Ward is patient and compassionate. She is often the one to reach out and help struggling students in her classes, even when it means that she has less time to do her own work.  She is so patient and kind, that her teachers feel blessed to see her set such an example for others.
Aspen Boyer is everyone's friend, never mean-spirited and goes out of her way to help others.  Even under the pressure of all IB and advanced classes, Aspen inspires others to reach their full potential.  One of her teachers stated, "She is who I wish I was."
Cory Faulkner has a wonderful calming influence on his peers. He will work with anyone and can motivate other students to contribute and achieve at a higher level.
Libby Scroggins regularly participates in class and leads by example as she is always polite, friendly, and attempts to answer questions.  She is well respected by her peers and currently has the highest average of any student in AP Human Geography.  After a meeting in the gym with the entire freshman class, Libby used the last 10 minutes to take out her notes and study for an upcoming test. In a gym surrounded by more than 500 other freshman, this shows true discipline and dedication.
Gold Citizen students are selected based on the following demonstrated character traits: 
Respect Self-Discipline Responsibility
Citizenship Friendship Fairness
Perseverance Courage