Academic Decathlon Team Scores 28 Individual and 2 Team Medals

Team awards:

 2nd Place Super Quiz

2nd Place Team


Team members: Jonas Traweek, Katherine Hinchley, Sophia Ebel, Olivia Gallegos, Penelope Castillo, Calla Mace, Jayden Adcock, Russell Repman, and Jacob Page

 Alternates for team this year were Graycee Luksa, Garrett Hatcher, Kayla Fick and Trent Lamm

Individual Awards:

 Jonas Traweek – Top Individual Honors Team Member

2nd Overall Honors Student

1st Honors Math and Science

2nd Honors Music and Economics

3rd Honors Literature


Katherine Hinchley – 1st Honors Literature and Social Studies

2nd Honors Essay


Sophia Ebel - 5th Overall Honors Student

1st Honors Essay and Speech

2nd Honors Social Studies and Interview

3rd Honors Literature


Calla Mace – Top Individual Scholastic Team Member

3rd Scholastic Speech


Penelope Castillo – 3rd Scholastic Music


Jayden Adcock – Top Individual Varsity Team Member

4th Overall Varsity Student

1st Varsity Social Studies

3rd Varsity Literature, Economics, Math, and Art


Russell Repman - 3rd Place Varsity Social Studies


 Jacob Page – 1st Place Varsity Speech