TEAM UP: Parent & Community Engagement Night Hidden in Plain Sight

Knowledge is power, and parents need current information to keep young students healthy and safe. Hidden in Plain Sight will allow parents to sharpen their detective skills as a parent.

“Parenting is complex and it begins with a warm, loving relationship between parent and child,” says Judy Mezey, Director of Community Based Programs for Student Assistance Services.
“Monitoring is key to parenting as well. Especially with newer drug trends such as ‘Juuling’ parents need to be able to recognize possible signs of problems,” Denise Meyers, Director of Communications for the Magnolia ISD. “So many of our students are making healthy choices to avoid alcohol and other drugs but if a parent sees a vape device and thinks it’s a USB drive, they are missing an opportunity to help their child understand and avoid negative consequences. Our district is committed to partnering with parents to keep our youth healthy and safe.”
Hidden in Plain Sight room décor, hidden compartments and items to conceal use are located throughout the mock room. The question will be, “can you find all the items?”