BIENVENIDOS !!! Vamos a la clase de español !!!!!

¡Hola! I am Dania Baglio and I have been teaching Spanish, Marketing and Business since 1998
I am a native of México City and received a bachelors degree from the Tecnológico de Monterrey University in Mexico City and continued on to receive a MBA in Marketing from the University of Arizona,Phoenix in 2005.
 I have lived in the US for 12 years having relocated to Texas 7 years ago.
 It has been my desire to learn the cultural differences all over the world, therefore I have traveled all over Europe and 
South America with extensive time visiting my family in Milano, Italy. The United States is by far my favorite and I must say how grateful I am for the opportunities I have received here. Being a parent of 3 school age children I am also grateful for the school and this position as a language teacher in helping me fulfilling my passion for teaching and helping and  for the opportunities that I have had in this country.
MWHS Classroom 2718
Conference Period 3rd
Phone: 281.252.2550
After school Tutorials: Mondays and by appointment
My Schedule for 2019-2020
1st Period - Native Speakers 1 and 2 
2nd Period - Spanish 2
3rd Period Conference 
4th Period- Spanish 2
5th Period - Spanish 2 
6th Period -Native Speakers 1 and 2  
7th Period- Native Speakers 1 and 2