Physical Education and Schedule



I'm Coach Cray and this is my first year at Magnolia West. I am the lead PE teacher and I also coach girls basketball and girls track and field. I look forward to having a great first year here with the Mustang Family!



Mission Statement 


Physical Education classes are designed to practice and develop skills in activities that will help students maintain fitness throughout their life.  Early in the fall students fitness levels will be assessed in the following areas: cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance. We will explore fitness activities designed to improve all areas of fitness. Our goal is that by the end of the year students will improve their scores on their baseline fitness test through regular cardiovascular endurance training, muscular endurance training, and activities designed to increase current levels of fitness.  Students will be introduced to life-long activities and sports designed to increase their likelihood of exercising in the future.  Students will understand the benefits that regular exercise, physical activity and learn about different health topics.

1st period 7:15 - 8:03 Girls Athletics
2nd period 8:08 - 8:56 PE
3rd period 9:01 - 9:49 PE
4th period 9:54 - 10:45 Conference
5th period 10:50 - 11:38 PE
LUNCH 12:10 - 12:38
6th period 12:43 - 1:31 PE
7th 1:36 - 2:25 Girls Athletics