Credit by Exam

Credit By Exam (CBE) Information for the 18-19 School Year
*Students  should see Ms. Ayala in the Counseling Center to register for a CBE.
*There will be a $10.00 deposit per CBE.  This deposit will be refunded when you take your CBE.  A refund will not be issued if you do not take the CBE.
*Saturday CBE testing  will take place at Magnolia West High School at 8:00am.
*Students  may take a total of 2 tests per administration (up to 1.0 credit)
Important Reminder: Students taking a CBE for original credit must make a 80 or above for credit to be awarded. Students may not take an original CBE for any course they have previously taken or in which they are currently enrolled.
Students who are taking a CBE for a previously failed course must earn at least a 70 in order to obtain credit.
CBE dates and registration deadlines 2017-2018
November test dates: Nov. 8,9,10     Registration deadline: Sept. 28 , 2018
February test dates: Feb 7,8,9        Registration deadline: Jan. 11, 2019
May test dates: May 9,10,11           Registration deadline: April 5, 2019
CBE review guides may be downloaded from: