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Recommendation Letters


Students seeking a recommendation letter must follow the steps below:

1. Ask the teacher in person if he/she is willing to write a letter of recommendation for you (make sure to give your teacher at least 2 weeks to write the letter of recommendation).

2. Request the Letter of Recommendation through Family Connection. 

3.  The teacher you asked will receive a link so that he/she can upload a Letter of Recommendation in Family Connection.

4. Make sure to tell your teacher if you are using Common App to apply to college as your teacher will also need to fill out he Common App teacher evaluation form.

5. Your teacher will upload the Letter of Recommendation.

6. Notify Dr. McCusker when your teacher's Letter of Recommendation is uploaded.

7. Dr. McCusker will submit the Letter of Recommendation for you to your college of choice. 


Students applying to colleges that require the Common App will automatically have their letters sent in with their application.  

****Please do not wait until the last minute to request letters.  Some teachers may not be able to accompany last minute requests.