Concussion Info

The Texas Legislature has passed a bill know as Natasha's Law which is not part of the Texas Education Code.  This law has dramatically changed how student athletes, their parents and UIL athletic programs have to treat a concussion.  Below are some educational links for athletes and parents to learn about concussions, and are to be used solely as educational and not as a diagnostic tool.  These informational links do not replace a physician or health care professional as to diagnose a concussion.

You will also find the link to the Magolia ISD Return to Play Protocol. This document will explain the Texas State Law and how MISD has applied this law. This can be downloaded and used as a tool for when you visit an physician if and/or after your child were to sustain a concussion.

The Return to Play Protocol has a five day step up to return of which an athlete must complete after sustaining a concussion. The Five Day Protocol is as follows:

Rehabilitation Stage (Day)
Functional Exercise at Each Stage of Rehabilitation
Objective of Each Stage
1.Light aerobic exercise
Walking, swimming or stationary cycling, keeping intensity at or below 70% MPHR; no resistance training
Increase HR
2. Sport-specific exercise
Pass routes in football, running drills in soccer; no head impact activities
Add movement
3. Non-contact training drills
Progression to more complex training drills, e.g., passing drills in football and ice hockey; may start progressive resistance training
Exercise, coordination and cognitive load
4. Full-contact practice
Following medical clearance, participate in normal skills by coaching staff
Restore confidence and assess functional training activities
5. Return to normal game play