Magnolia West High School

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      This is my 29th year teaching high school.  I taught for 18 years in Midland, Texas before moving to the Magnolia area in 2007.  I received my Bachelor's degree (Geology) in 1981 from Ohio Wesleyan University.  
     I believe that every student is capable of achieving academic success.  I will make sure that all students receive every opportunity to master the topics covered in my classes.  

Class Schedule:

1st period  (7:20-8:09) Physics

2nd Period  (8:14-9:04) Conference

3rd Period  (9:09-9:58) Physics

4th Period  (10:03-10:52) Astronomy  

5th Period   (10:57-11:47) Astronomy 

West Hour (I have "A" block lunch and tutor during "B" block on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

6th Period  (12:52-1:41) Physics

7th Period  (1:46-2:35) Physics


     Follow me on twitter:  @MWHSMrH


     I am available for tutorials after school daily and during "B" block of West Hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I will also tutor before school by appointment. 

     Parent conferences can be scheduled by contacting me (information is under my picture).