I graduated from Gdansk University with a Master’s Degree in Physics and Texas A&M University with a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education. I have taught AP Physics 1, AP Physics B/C, Precalculus Advanced, AP Calculus AB/BC, and corresponding dual credit courses.
This year, I will be teaching:
  • AP Calculus AB/ DC Math 1325/2324
  • AP Physics C/DC Phys 1401
  • Precalculus Advanced/DC Math 1314/1316.
The primary goal that I set up for all of my students is to pass national exams as well as encourage and get the students ready for more advanced college-level math and physics courses. This goal has been achieved over the years I have been teaching at MWHS. For example, this year the passing rate on AP Physics C was 100% with 4.3 average, and on AP Calculus AB it was 90% and 3.7 average.
Tips for success
  • Be present each day.
  • Stay on tasks; take notes, and participate when asked.
  • Complete all homework assignments and seek help if needed.
  • Do not have an iPhone on the desk during lectures!
Contact information 
  • School: Magnolia West High School
  • Classroom number: 2101
  • Conference: Period 5
  • Email: asokolowski@magnoliaisd.org 
  • Twitter:  @Soko45893776
  • Phone: 281-252-2550
  • Period 1: AP Physics C
  • Period 2: AP Calculus AB/DC MATH 1325 
  • Period 4: Precalculus Advanced /DC MATH 1314
  • Period 6: Precalculus Advanced /DC MATH 1314 
  • Period 7: Precalculus Advanced /DC MATH 1314 
  •  West Hours B - lunch
  • Tuesdays after school 
I wish everybody a successful year!