Hello! My name is Mrs. Brown. I am excited to be part of your child's learning experience! 

I teach on level Geometry and College Prep Math. Tutoring is offered at the following times 
Wednesday after school.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during West Hour, A Block.

Mornings are only available for students to come in and work on chromebooks individually, I will not be available tutoring/questions.

I am also proud a Coach for UIL Number Sense. More information on this wonderful group can be found under clubs.

This is my eighth year at West and I really enjoy working with the students and staff. If you have any questions please email me at lbrown@magnoliaisd.org or call the school ( 281-252-2550 ) and leave a message. I will try to respond to your call as quickly as I possible. My conference is 7th period, so any return phone calls will be around 1:30 or directly after school.

~Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.
  George Evans
1st - Geometry
2nd - College Prep Math
3rd - Geometry
4th - College Prep Math
5th - College Prep Math
6th - Geometry
7th - Conference