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Mrs. Bostian
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PREAP & Biology Basics 
Hello and welcome New Mustangs!!! 
I am really looking forward to my 9th year not only teaching biology but encouraging young minds to pursue careers in the biology profession. 
As we all know the professional opportunities in the biology profession are endless and require determination and perseverance to get there. I hope that I can be the inspiration of many of our youth today inside the classroom. I will strive to teach them "better" study habits and help them to become responsible individuals and promising young adults. 
This year in my class we will learn about the scientific method, biochemistry, cells, the human body and much more. I hope that I can make Biology fun and exciting for each and every student this year. 
Contact Information 
One of the most important aspects of life is communication! I believe it is a MUST for the students, parents and teachers to all be on the same page in order to promote the best learning environment. I welcome any questions or concerns that you (parents or students) may have. Feel free to call me at school (281)-252-2550. My conference time is 6th period . You can also reach me via email at
My Daily Schedule
2nd-PreAP Bio
3rd-PreAP Bio
4th-PreAP Bio
Freshman Advisory 
7th-PreAP Bio
I will always make time before or after school for tutoring.  I am available after school until 3:20.
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I love being a part of the tradition at Magnolia West! WE Stand Together!  WE Strive Together! We Succeed Together!