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Well, if you clicked on the right link (or assuming I programmed this thing correctly…these days, technology tends to laugh at me), you should be looking at the home page for Jim Massey. You will have all semester to get to know who I really am (let's be realistic, how much text on a computer screen can really let you know about a person?), but I think a little background information is in order so that you at least know a little about me...

I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a long time ago. 1967, to be exact. That's right--I'm now 51. Go ahead, poke the bear about his age! I'll spare you the longwinded version of my childhood years, but suffice it to say that I have been around the block a couple times: in addition to Minnesota, I lived in Missouri and Wisconsin, and came to Texas in 1982 at the age of 15. I graduated from Kingwood High School in 1985 (I know, years before any of you--unless you are a parent reading this--were born).

I was one of those kids who was not ready for college after high school; not because of a lack of teaching (looking back, I knew a lot more coming out of high school than I thought I did), but because I just wasn't mentally ready to dedicate myself to what it would take to do well in college. Truth be told, I wanted nothing further to do with school, so I decided that it was in my best interests to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. I spent Christmas 1985 in Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego, CA. And New Year's. Yes, it was a crazy experience!

Following graduation from MCRD, I was stationed at Ft. McClellan, Alabama, where I attended Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense School. From there, it was off to Iwakuni, Japan, for a year. I finished my time in the Corps at Camp LeJeune, NC, with the Second Marine Division, and received an honorable discharge in September 1989 at the rank of Corporal (E-4, for you other military-types reading this).

Although I started back to school (college) in 1990, I didn't really make a concerted effort to complete my education until 2003. As a single dad, I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University in May 2005 (for my math folks, yes, 20 years after graduating high school). It was during that last semester that I decided to pursue a Master's Degree. I completed my MA, again, in Political Science from SHSU, in December 2006. In May 2009 I completed a second Master's, this one in Education--Curriculum & Instruction. Why not go for a PhD? Simple. Statistics. I was enrolled in the Education Leadership Doctoral program at SHSU, but stats and I simply don't mix. 
It seems like my "next step" keeps changing. At first, I was done with school (as a student); this time last year, I decided to pursue my educational administration certificate, which is the same time I decided to go into business with another Marine here in Magnolia. The business is doing exceptionally well, but monopolizes all my spare time, so I have dropped the admin plans. For now...

My teaching experience includes the entirety of my service in the Corps, as well as teaching in higher education: I started teaching at SHSU as a Graduate Assistant in August 2006, where I remained on a full-time basis (as adjunct faculty) through the fall semester of 2008. I taught online for Angelina College, Spring 2009 through Spring 2014, and currently teach for Lone Star College, where I started in January 2007.

In addition to the regular government classes, I teach government for dual-credit through MISD's collaboration with Lone Star College-Tomball. I also taught AP Government my first couple years at West.

Some more about me: I have three sons, 30, 22, and 21; my eldest son graduated from Kingwood High in 2006; my middle son graduated from West in 2015 and is currently working (no, he wasn't ready for college coming out of high school, either); my youngest graduated with the Class of 2016, and is currently with 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment (yes, Dad is just a little proud!). I have also worked in just about every industry imaginable: grocery and retail sales, psychiatric work in a residential facility, car sales, office/clerical, outside sales, and now, my true love (besides the Marine Corps), education. I'm also a granddad to a beautiful little girl, Leia (yes, Star Wars fans), who is 2 years old.
I swore I'd never do it again, but I got married last month. Add 3 more kids to the mix--daughter will be 23 in another month or so, and two more sons, 21 and 19 (all three are is their mom)--and another granddaughter, who is also 2. I'm hoping that we can get her on the right path and into the Corps when she graduates (don't tell my wife!).
Enough about me. I try to make myself as available as possible before, during, and after school. Outside the classroom, your best way to reach me is via email ( We're supposed to include a Twitter thingy, too, @JimMassey17, but I have no time to fool with it (stick w email).


Recent Posts

Tally Bill

You never know what life may throw at you, when that "school stuff" may actually come into use. That's right, for those of you thinking "YEAH! What am I going to use ALGEBRA for???" This is one of those times where it's very much in your face. MY face.
You guys are in the middle of developing an outline that will eventually become a bill. Well, I got a phone call from a good friend (and retired Marine) a couple of weeks ago, wanting to know if I knew of anyone who could help him and a group of veterans (mostly Marines, of course) draft a possible bill due to some issues w the VA. Hm. Do I know anyone.....DUH! So while you guys are going through the legislative process as a part of school, I'm doing it for real.
I've attached a PDF of the finished version that will be in DC Monday (yes, it will be in the hands of at least 1 Senator, and I think 3 or 4 Representatives). I'll keep you posted on any progress this bill might see!

Homework Deadlines

Hey Everyone!
I just uploaded the tentative assignment schedule for the entire semester. Tentative in that I reserve the right to adjust deadlines dependent upon where we are in a given content area. Note that I will NOT adjust a deadline sooner than what is posted--any adjustments will be to a later date. I hope this reference helps keep you on track.
Please note that I encourage you to work ahead in any area you possibly can (ok, so this mostly applies to your vocabulary assignments). Yes, you can turn in this work when you get it done.