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It is an exciting time for people who want to learn about computer science and computer programming!  


What is all the excitement about?  Basically, everything!


To understand why there is so much excitement, it helps to understand what computer science is.  At its core, computer science is the application of technology to solve problems.  What makes computer science so AWESOME is that people are starting to understand that computers can be used to solve so many different kinds of problems.


That reality is going to be the focus of our learning.  We will be exploring how computers (and specifically computer programs) can be used to solve problems.


No worries, though, we will take it one step at a time!  You do not need to know anything about computers or computer programming.  What will help you, though, is being curious and being creative.


You never know, YOU might have the next great idea that will change the world!


Room Number: 2310


My schedule:

1st period  - IB Computer Science SL / First Year HL

2nd period - Conference

3rd period - AP Computer Science Principles

4th period - Pre-AP Computer Science

5th period - Magnolia West Technology Liaison

6th period - AP Computer Science A

7th period - IB Computer Science Second Year HL