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After spending 28 years as an educator in New Mexico, I am proud to state that I am beginning my fourth year as a Mathematics instructor in the great state of Texas.  I extend a grateful "Thanks" to all who have welcomed me into the Magnolia school community. 
I have had the pleasure of being a(n):
- Middle School Math Instructor, 
- High School Guidance Counselor
           (and College and Career Readiness Counselor), 
- High School Math Instructor, 
- Mathematics Department Chair, 
- Gifted and Talented District Chair 
- Principal at a K-12 charter school, and  
- Administrator within the New Mexico Public Education Department.
Through all of these experiences, I found that my passion lies in working directly with students one-on-one and in classroom settings. I am excited to be your Geometry instructor.
Academic extra-curricular programs have been another way to connect with, excite and excel students.  Over 750 awards have been earned by students in various contests, competitions and events (Voices of Democracy Speech, Academic Decathlon, MathCOUNTS,  Destination Imagination, Odyssey of the Mind  . . .) that I have sponsored, including a number of state championships, top ten finishes at national competitions, and even a National Champion in the Voices of Democracy Speech contest.  Additionally, I had the great honor of representing New Mexico’s 20,000+ teachers when I was named the 2006 New Mexico Teacher of the Year.
I encourage you to contact me with questions/concerns as they arise.  I will keep this website updated throughout the year as one of a number of ways that I intend to keep both students and parents informed of where we've been, how you're doing, and where are we heading.
Detailed information has been uploaded.  Please click on the link to that page. 


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