Hello! My name is Mrs. Huntsman. I am so proud to be part of the West family and part of your child’s learning experience. This is my fifth year as an art teacher at Magnolia West High School.
I graduated from the University of Houston with a BFA in Graphic Communications with a minor in Art History. I was a graphic designer for nine years before deciding to teach. I have done design work for many educational institutions including Magnolia ISD as well as several non-profits and start-up companies in the Houston area. I enjoy sharing my real world experience as an artist and designer while inspiring and motivating my students the way many of the teachers in my life inspired me.
I believe art education is important because all children need a variety of experiences to assist them in exploring their environment and learning about who they are as people. Art provides an opportunity to seek creative expression and self discovery.
My conference period is during 5th period. If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting, please email me at mhuntsman@magnoliaisd.org.
Follow me on Twitter @HuntsmanMWHS

 “Art is not what you see but what you make others see.”
-Edgar Degas

                  Fall West Hour Bell Schedule

1st Period – CONFERENCE

7:15 - 8:04


2nd Period – Art 1
          8:09 - 8:58


3rd Period – Art 1
           9:03 - 9:52


4th Period – Art 2

9:57 - 10:48


5th Period – Art 2

10:53 - 11:42


West Hour A 11:42 - 12:10
West Hour B 12:14 - 12:42


6th Period – Art 1

12:47 - 1:36


                      7th Period – Art 1
                     1:41 - 2:30

After School Tutoring is available upon request Tuesdays and Thursdays
West Hour Tutoring Tuesdays and Thursdays A Block