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CDZA: "Daft Pianists"

CDZA is the YouTube Channel for a group called "Collective Cadenza." Made up of college and professional musicians in the New York area, they create fun videos that are both musically interesting and entertaining to watch.
This video, "Daft Pianists" is a 5-person piano ensemble playing Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." Take a look at this and go back to your metronome and practice for your duet!

"Practicing" is not "Playing"!

We're spending a lot of time at keyboard unsupervised these next few weeks. I saw this article shared online and thought it would be relevant to you.
This article talks about the differences between "playing" (working aimlessly or like you're a performance) and "practicing" (breaking down the piece into smaller, simpler segments to focus on improving)
Make sure you're "practicing!"