Welcome to your junior/senior year of high school! It's a unique and demanding year that will help you grow and discover so much. You'll do well in this class, and I'll help you get there. If you or your parents/guardians have concerns or questions about ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to email me immediately. I will respond within a few hours. I'm here for YOU.

My email is kowens@magnoliaisd.org.  If you'd like to set up a parent or student conference, you need only to email me. If you need tutoring, my classroom will be open before and after school and also during B Block o West Hour (M-W or by appointment).

I'll be frantically trying to learn all about you, but you don't have to wait to learn about me....

I'm a former MWHS student and Magnolia native. I left my beloved hometown to earn my degree at UT-Austin, and I'm thrilled to be back home. I'm married to an MHS graduate and USMC veteran, and we are the proud parents of two spoiled white schnauzers named Danno and Bumper.

When I'm not teaching, I'm most likely traveling toward a historical site (The Alamo is my favorite). Don't be surprised if flags, artifacts, and souvenirs from my travels show up around the classroom. This year, my husband and I will (hopefully) be adopting our first child. We are excited! 

Again, I'm looking forward to meeting you. We're going to have a great school year!


Class Rules

1. Devices must be plugged in to a charging station or AWAY. 
2. Food is fine, but consume it with care and respect for our custodial staff.  
3. Be truthful with me...I cannot help you if I do not fully understand any issues you are having. Remember: I can only help you as much as you LET me!
4. Total attention is required to do well. You are responsible for your learning.
5. Total acceptance of and respect for other learners is required at all times. 

Class Schedule

1/2/5/7 periods- AP English II
3/4 periods- Senior Level/College Prep English 
6th period conference 12:45-1:30
Parents, if you wish to set up a meeting during my conference period, please email so that I may reserve time just for you. You are welcome to stop by without prior notice, but please know that I may be in a meeting or tutoring a child who needs individual attention.

Do you need tutoring?

 Here are your options....
1. B Block of West Hour, Monday through Wednesday 
2. Any day after school EXCEPT Thursday (Please check with me first so we can make sure I don't have a meeting when you need tutoring!)
3. Any day before school (Again, please check with me to be sure I am available.)