Français I

C'est la rentrée!
Bienvenue en classe de français! 
Daily Schedule:
Period 1 - Team Planning
Period 2 - French 2 Adv. - French 3 Adv.
Period 3 - French 1
Period 4 - French 2
Period 5 - Conference
Period 6 - French 1
Period 7 - French 2
Every day after school 2:30-3:00 (except on Fridays or when a meeting is scheduled).
During West Hour B.

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Grading procedures

                                        Grading Percentages
Grade Type                      Grades 9-12                    Advanced/AP/IB
Formative                              40%                                      30%
Summative                            60%                                      70%

DCA is on Tuesday, October 8 2019.
Review all your notes and study guides.
Get plenty of rest. 
"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same."

Contact information

You can email me at:
You can join Twitter and connect with @Vbarkerpeeters
You can set up a conference and visit my classroom (1734)
You will join Passport
All information to connect with these services will be shared in class.

Bienvenue en classe de français!

 Bonjour! Je m'appelle Madame Barker-Peeters.
Originally from Belgium, I graduated with a B.A. in Foreign Language Education; I am certified to teach English and Dutch as Foreign Languages.
Here in Texas, I am certified to teach French as a foreign language and have been teaching for the past 29 years.
My passion is education and students. I am genuinely interested in the future of each student and am dedicated to helping them grow into the future adults they will soon become as well as help them be successful in learning French.
I have high expectations for my students and am fully focused on their learning as well as their well-being. I understand the challenges students face and have an open door policy for them to come and talk with me. Communication is essential in solving problems and resolving issues.
More information on French classes procedures has been provided to students.
Any question, feel free to contact me at
Have a great year!
Bonne rentrée scolaire!

C'est la rentrée des classes!

 Welcome back! I hope you have an enriching year learning not only the French language but also the culture of the French-speaking countries.
Bienvenue en classe de français!