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Howdy, Mustangs! This is my first year at Magnolia West High School, and my eighth year of teaching Mathematics. This year I will be teaching Geometry and Algebra 2. I graduated from Texas A&M College Station with a BS in Computer Science, and spent 11 years in the Computer industry before becoming a teacher. I love all things geeky and nerdy, especially math, and I can't wait to get the new year started!
Sherry LaBelle
Room: 2750
  • Every day during Advisory/West Hour B
  • After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Daily Schedule:
First Bell
1st Period   7:20 - 8:09 Geometry Pre-AP
2nd Period   8:14 - 9:04 Geometry Pre-AP
3rd Period   9:09 - 9:58 Algebra II
4th Period 10:03 - 10:52 Algebra II
5th Period 10:57 - 11:47 Conference
West Hour A 11:47 - 12:15 Lunch/Duty
Advisory / West Hour B 12:19 - 12:47 Lunch/Tutorials (T, Th, Fri)
6th Period 12:52 - 1:41 Geometry Pre-AP
7th Period   1:46 - 2:35 Algebra II
Here is the link to the student survey that you will take in class on the first day of school: