Welcome! I'm thrilled to be starting my third year teaching here at Magnolia West High School, which is also my twelfth year teaching all together. I will be teaching several classes this year at West which includes Algebra 2 Advanced, Statistics, College Prep Math, and College Algebra Dual Credit (spring semester). 
                          1st Period:        Algebra 2 Advanced
                          2nd Period:      Statistics
                          3rd Period:       Conference 
                          4th Period:       Conference
                          5th Period:       Algebra 2 Advanced
                          6th Period:       College Prep Math
                          7th Period:       Algebra 2 Advanced
Tutoring: After School:
                     Wednesdays Only                        2:30 - 3:15
                West Hour:
                      Mondays        B-block           
                      Tuesdays       B-block           
                      Wednesdays  B-block           
                      Fridays           B-block           
You can contact me at jbergin@magnoliaisd.org
You can follow me on Twitter:     @jillbergin_mwhs