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Welcome to Physical Education!!

Hello All!
Welcome to Physical Education-
I am a first year Coach/Teacher here at West, and I am super pumped to get this school year started! 
Physical Education is designed to get students up and moving around and to create an environment for them to feel comfortable about being physically active.  As you may know, physical activity is a key component for human health; therefore, it is important that students are getting an appropriate amount of daily activity.  Throughout this course, students will develop an understanding of the importance of being physically active and will learn many different ways to do so!  
Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions throughout the semester!
-2017 Fall Semester Class Schedule-
1st Period:  Freshman Athletics
2nd Period: PE I / II
3rd Period: PE I / II
4th Period: Conference (Coaches Area)
5th Period: PE I / II
6th Period: PE I / II
7th Period: Athletics
Location:  Auxiliary Gym
B Block/9th Grade Advisory
Location:  Auxiliary Gym