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Welcome to Magnolia West High School Attendance.  Below you will find most of your questions answered as well as some of our protocols and procedures.  Please feel free to contact us at the above email address for any other questions. 


The Attendance Office hours are 7:00am - 1:50 pm.  The latest time that a pass will be delivered to a class will be 1:50pm. Please ensure to allow enough time for you to come in and sign your student out.  If you are not able to make it before 1:50, you will have to wait until school is dismissed at 2:30pm. 


State law mandates that students must be in attendance for 90% or more for the semester, including Excused and Unexcused .


Magnolia West is a closed campus.  Students will not be allowed to leave campus during the day to go get lunch or other items and then return. They are also not allowed to order food to have it delivered.  If this occurs, they will not be allowed to have the food and consequences will be at the Administration’s discretion.  Please ensure your student has all of the items needed before leaving the house.  If your student needs something, then you may bring it to the front office, check it in, and leave it for your student to pick up during passing periods. However, we do realize that some emergency situations may arise, at which time we will be happy to work with you then.


10/10 Rule

To ensure our students receive the maximum educational environment each class period, Magnolia West has implemented the 10/10 Rule.  Students are not allowed to leave the classroom 10 minutes after class begins or 10 minutes before the class ends.




  • Tardies

The morning bell rings at 7:05am for students to begin making their way to their 1st period class.  They are allotted 10 minutes to get to 1st period.  A student who is not physically in their classroom at 7:15 will receive a tardy.  Students have 5 minutes to move between classes the rest of the day.  Failure to be in the classroom properly will (shall) result in a tardy.  Students arriving after 7:25am must sign in at the attendance office.  


1 - 3 Tardies - Warning

4 - 7 Tardies - Lunch Detention

8 - 11 Tardies - After School Detention

12+ Tardies - One day of ISS (In School Suspension)


Receiving three (3) tardies in the same day will result in one (1) day of ISS (In School Suspension). Parent notes will not be accepted for tardies.


 Parking privileges may be affected by excessive tardies and unexcused absences to 1st period.  Parking privilege suspensions will be served at the discretion of administration.



** My student is a driver**


If your student is a driver, you must email us at  no later than one (1) hour prior to the requested leave time. Do NOT wait until the time  that you need your student to leave to email us, this will delay the time the student leaves.  Phone calls WILL NOT be accepted.  The email must include:

> Student’s full name

> Student’s ID #

> Date of release

> Time of release

> Parent/Guardian’s name

> Parent/Guardian’s contact number

> Permission to drive off campus 


The student will receive a pass to come to the attendance office at the appropriate time.  They must sign out and will receive a Parking Lot Release pass.  This pass must be given to the guard shack when leaving.


If your student will be returning, they MUST sign back in at the attendance office to be coded correctly for the day.  If they have an appointment, they must bring the documentation back in with them.  When this is received, the student will be coded appropriately.  


** My student is not a driver**


If your student is not a driver, then the parent/guardian (or a person on the student’s authorized list) must physically come into the office to sign them out. A photo identification is required.  Again, the latest time to sign someone out is 1:50 pm.  If you are going to be later than that, then you must wait until the bell to release them at 2:25pm.


If the person who shows up is not on the authorized list, the student will not be allowed to leave with that person. Your student's safety is of our utmost concern.  If an emergency arises and you (or someone authorized) are not able to pick up, arrangements must be made through the appropriate Assistant Principal (AP).  

**We DO NOT release students to any Taxi Service (Uber, Taxi, Lyft) for ANY reason.**


**Do NOT text your student to meet you outside the school.**


**Do NOT text your student to wait for you inside the building.  We will send a pass to their class for them.**


If your student is in class and does not feel well, our procedure/protocol is for the student to visit the nurse’s office for evaluation.  







You may send a note with your student when they return to school.  You may also email us at (recommended method).

Be sure to include the following on the note:

> Student’s full name

> Student’s ID #

> Date(s) of absence(s)

> Reasons for absence(s)

> Parent/Guardian’s name

>Parent/Guardian’s contact number


Excused Absences

Please provide proper documentation for Excused Absences.


>College Visits / Military Branch.  Juniors and Seniors are allotted two (2) college day visits each per year. These visits must be documented with a letter from the college visited, on their letterhead, including the student’s name and date of visit.


> Court Appearances. Proper court documentation must be submitted to the Attendance office.  This documentation must come from the court stating the student was required to be in appearance. 


> Religious Holidays.  Mission trips, retreats, conferences or conventions are considered excused absences. 


My Student is involved in Extracurricular activities.


If your student is involved in any Extracurricular activities, their attendance will be updated within 24 to 48 hours after we receive confirmation from the Event Sponsor.  Your student is to be marked absent in their classes when they are not physically in class.

> Verification of Enrollment (VOE): Your student will request their VOE  by scanning the QR Code located at the Attendance window, the front office, the Library, the Counselor’s office or the AP’s offices.  This request will take 24 hours and will be available for pick up at the front office. 


This form is good for only 30 days from the date of issuance. 


Please be sure to plan accordingly.  We are not able to scan and email the form to you, it must be picked up in person.





Requirements in

 Each Class

Spring Semester 2022

(9th-12th Grades)

Semester Average

80 or above

Academic Honesty

No referrals and/or grade penalties for academic dishonesty

Textbook Records, Fees & Fines 

Totally Clear


No ISS, Suspension, DAEP


3 Absences (No Truancies)


Absences that DO NOT count against Exemptions

Absences that DO count against Exemptions

School sponsored trip/activity

Absences due to tardies (3 tardies in 1 class=1 absence)

Class Absence initiated by school personnel

 (WSP or NUR)

Teacher Absence (A), Office Absence (ABS), 

College Visits (2 per year) with official note from college campus 

(11th/12th grades only)

Parent Note (APN), Truancy (TRU)

Student was in attendance the day of a Medical Note (SB1), 

Funeral (FNR), Court (CRT)

Medical (AM) 

Documented Covid-related absences



Additional Information Regarding Exemptions for ALL students: 

● Exemptions do not entitle students to be absent the day of the assigned final. Attendance will be taken and students will be expected to be present in class on the day of the examination to complete the exemption process. 

● Any student may opt to take a final examination in a course for which he/she has earned an exemption. When doing so, the exemption will be expended and the score obtained on the final examination will be used in computation of the final course grade ONLY if doing so would improve the student’s course average. 

● Students who have received a grade and/or disciplinary penalty for cheating or plagiarism as defined by the Academic Honor Code are automatically excluded from an exemption in the class in which the incident occurred. 

● A student will be notified by his/her assistant principal (after the AP has conferred with the teacher) if his/her exemption is being revoked after the deadline for turning in exemptions. 

● For the Fall Semester: Exemptions for AP/IB classes will only be permitted if the teacher allows exemptions for that course and the student meets all exemption criteria to qualify. 

● Dual Credit Classes are excluded from the Exemption Policy 


Only Seniors are eligible to be exempt in the Fall.  All classes will be eligible to be exempt in the Spring, as long as the requirements are met.  


**The testing schedule will be posted once it has been approved.**